This is me…

I was born in Calabria ( South of Italy), in a city called Catanzaro. I grew up in Le Castella, a small village on the sea.

My adventure in the world of sport began there, in places that in ancient times belonged to the Magna Graecia. This area gave birth to many athletes who took part in the Olympic Games. I don’t know the very reason, but walking in this places and breathing this air I got keen on sport. I have been involved in many sports since I was a child: Running ( cross-country), hockey, volleyball, basketball and others. However, I didn’t get excited and I decided to take up tae kwon do, boxe and swimming to express better my personality. Nevertheless, I didn’t become strong and muscular as I wanted.

After finishing high school I joined up with the Italian Army and I soon took part in a special team. I didn’t feel comfortable because I wanted to be more muscular than I was and for this reason I took up weightlifting to become stronger. I hadn’t much free time but very soon I achieved the expected result. Of course I was dedicated to doing my best and intrested in the new techniques.

At the end of the military service , without help, I dedicated myself to bodybuilding.

Not only the practice but also the theory. I have been studying a lot enthusiastically.

I also decided to improve myself with the help of a professional trainer. Working with an expert was the right choice to broaden my horizons, to go beyond my limits and my lack of experience.

First of all a professional coach is highly capable of encouraging you. I was given such a great support by my coach that I can say he was fundamental to achieve my goal in life.

My aim is to help people indeed! People often don’t feel comfortable with their bodies and this could affect their social life in a bad way.

For this purpose I got the diploma of the Federazione Italiana Pesistica (FIPE) and I am proud of being a personal trainer and I am very keen on this job. Always more…